Oil to Gas Conversions

Long Island oil to gas Services by ProActive Home Services

A lot of older Rockville Centre homes still use oil to heat their homes, not realizing how much potential money can be saved every year during the winter. By converting to a natural gas heater from an older oil fueled heater you're not only saving money on heating cost, but you're also creating a safer environment for your home and family. Arctic Air is the number one company in Oil to Gas conversions. Our Long Island heating contarctors are highly trained in all our heating and air services, that way you dont have to be.

Start saving on your heating bills.

Switching from oil heat to natural gas provides substantial savings. In addition to the price advantage of natural gas, a new heating system can be more efficient then a 10-year old system.

  • You save by using less energy with a new natural gas system.
  • Natural gas burns more efficiently, so you use less gas then you would oil with less maintenance.
  • You don't pay for natural gas until you use it.

Oil to Gas Conversions Information

    Hot Water Boiler

  • High Efficiency Boiler
  • Compact, Space-Saving Modern Design
  • Industry Leading Features for Improved System Efficiency
  • Saves Fuel Costs and Provides Peace of Mind
  • Free Extended Warranty

    Steam Boiler

  • High Efficiency Combination Boiler & Hot Water Heater
  • Heats Water Only When Needed
  • Ideal for Domestic Water Heating & Space Heating Applications
  • Has a BTU Input of 199,000 to Fit Any Project

Don't just take our Word for it.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicates that oil prices are not only higher than natural gas prices, they have been steadily climbing over the last few years and will continue to climb.

Source: 2013 Annual Energy Outlook (AOE)

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